Original Work

Consumed. This interactive play, inspired by conventional horror tropes and corporate propaganda, included divergent story paths followed by different audience groups. Different endings allowed audiences to make a vital choice on how the story would end. In addition, many contingency paths were written to address possible audience responses.  

Once and Future. One part Welcome to Night Vale, one part Hunger Games, and one part escape room, this darkly comedic piece invited the audience to take on the role of inhabitants of a dystopian nation being tested in order to earn full citizenship. This script included a series of branching possibilities triggered according to audience actions.  

Translation and Adaptation 

Bliss. For my MFA thesis project, I translated and adapted this 1927 Soviet time-travel satire by Mikhail Bulgakov. Working with the Russian source text, I translated the play and adapted its references to be more understandable to a modern, American audience. In addition, I swapped the genders of most of the main characters, putting women at the forefront of the story and sharpening the themes of betrayal and exploitation.